Smart Grid

Unlike the grid of the past century, which primarily delivers electricity in a one-way flow from generator to outlet, the emerging smart grid will enable two-way flaws of both electricity and information. As the grid is modernized, there will be many interconnected parts and processes, built and created by many different manufacturers, and used by a diverse array of stakeholders. "Interoperability," which is the ability of diverse systems and their components to work together, will be vitally important to the performance of the smart grid at every level.

In many applications it is very expensive to connect field equipment’s with high density outlets to a control room in an existing plant. However wireless systems allow you to transmit information in cost-effective way so operators can monitor and prevent expensive Shutdowns, allow plant personnel to optimize the use of plant assets or coordinate preventative maintenance tasks, materials and schedules.

As part of the KOG Industry 4.0 family of products Smart grid solutions can be easily implemented in every power facility. Smart energy, water and gas meters easily integrate with KOG Industry 4.0 products in any existing data network. Our Smart Grid solutions are optimally designed to meet the bandwidth requirements of every application and environment. On grass-root projects our measurement solutions are entirely based on our own wireless sensor technology (WST) machine to machine (M2M) and internet protocols. The flexibility of our technology products allow us to seamlessly integrate existing technology with our product family without compromising performance and quality.