KARE - ISS multidisciplinary specialists group meet industry’s complex and demanding software needs. 


 Our goal is to provide clients with efficient solutions which help fulfill their legal, financial and moral responsibilities.

We develop solutions for applications which allow you to stop or monitor processes safely and quickly in case of emergency.

Our solutions not only offer a considerable technical improvement, but also financial advantages throughout entire life cycles, especially when compared with conventional safety controllers and relay technology.

We provide solutions in the following areas: Automation, SCADA, industrial communications and metering Systems. 

From machine conditioning diagnostic to data management solutions that ensure mission success in government projects, KARE helps you achieve your business objectives and act swiftly when new opportunities arise. Industrial manufacturers rely on KARE to unleash their potential to conquer new market opportunities.

Manufacturers turn to KARE for cost-effective software solutions in machine conditioning, motor diagnostics, solar power efficiency and environmental monitoring solutions. KARE's self-contained mission critical software solutions allow energy sector companies to manage their vital data and optimize day-to-day operations without compromising maintenance or massive dependent software maintenance models.

These industry solutions incorporate KARE's rich expertise and best practices in its domain, as well as data structures and analytic models that accelerate problem-solving.

KARE ISS provides a complete range of software engineering services in the field of process control and industrial automation. KARE ISS specializes in design, software integration and has a proven track record in delivering innovative and effective solutions within all sectors of the industry.

We supply leading edge Industrial Manufacturers with custom-made software which integrates seamlessly with their hardware and software platforms, thus helping them to improve the customer's Return On Investment and decrease manufacturing downtime. KARE- ISS provides software solutions for:

  • PLC Systems
  • Inverter Drives
  • Servo Systems
  • Industrial PC
  • HMI displays
  • Sensors
  • Safety Products
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Environmental monitoring Systems

KARE-ISS integrates your KARE-ISS software and hardware platforms for field and factory applications at our world-class facilities. Control panel integration and  manufacturing is done entirely in-house by our specialized team ensuring that all our integrated systems are built to the highest standard using high quality products, and outstanding craftsmanship.

KARE inspects and tests every system thoroughly against the approved and agreed design and test documentation. KARE's personnel conducts factory and site acceptance tests for every system delivered throughout the world.

Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics

Condition monitoring and diagnosis are one of the pillars of every maintenance organization in modern industrial plants that have a certain level of automation. Existing industrial systems, such as industrial valve actuators, and many fields including railways, power delivery, and electrical machines and motors, already have a variety of built-in sensors, event and alarm systems which can be used for effective predictive and diagnostic-based monitoring.

Condition monitoring has been deployed in various data handling, control and logging systems in plants, such as DCS and SCADA for specific applications. However, effective diagnostics tools usually require specific knowledge of the underlying system.

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