Security CCTV & Thermal cameras

Whether gas emissions in plants, fire or intruders, we assist you in preventing false alarms, calibrating thermal camera systems for optimum detection, troubleshooting and testing industrial security systems. Detection systems inevitably compromise a certain type and number of false alarms per year that users are willing to afford. We help you optimize your detection systems and, if necessary, re-engineer the strategy, location and calibration of detection systems to minimize false alarms and maximize detention sensitivity right where and when is needed. We help you identify user errors, power or battery problems, ill-fitted, misaligned, or improperly placed sensors and contacts, malfunctioning detection devices, sensors or cameras not properly calibrated. Indoor security systems may also suffer disturbances from changing indoor conditions, HVAC vents or air drafts that cause objects to move or relocations of objects along the path of detection systems. 

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