Valves and Actuators

Our unique inspection and diagnostic system, 4D Octagon®  , allow us to deliver real-time services for valve and actuators at any stage of your project directly from the field our application running in a suitable portable device approved for hazardous areas transmits the results of inspection, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, repair and diagnostics of the valves and actuators that you need to service every detail of the whole set valve and actuator is properly recorded and registered under the name of our service personnel to ensure quality, traceability, accuracy and timely execution of services.

Commissioning and star-up of valves and actuators of industrial plants may become a challenging tasks, in particular when large number of units and sizes are involved. We ensure your needs are properly addressed from the beginning to the end of the project. A team of specialists assess the project requirements and provide you with the required services, including pre-commissioning, configuration and setting, loop-check and start-up of actuators, troubleshooting and parts replacement. From torque miss-match to position misalignment problems, vibration, over temperature and improper configuration to in- depth troubleshooting we have a solution for you. Our specialists deliver high-quality services at the high safety standards to ensure the protection of assets and ensure personnel safety Through our business partners we can supply in-site services to valves of all sizes and ratings.

Our services include: 

  • Fitting Inspection & Replacement
  • Valve Seat Lubrication
  • Seat Integrity Test
  • Verify and adjust actuator travel Limits, torque settings and communication features
  • Actuator Installation and Calibration
  • Valve actuator network troubleshooting
  • In-site valve diagnostics, partial stroke test
  • Real-Time problem identification and reporting

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