Leak Detection Systems

We are experienced in pipelines leak detection commissioning, from mass balance to fiber optic systems and pressure based systems.

Whether you are a construction contractor, a technology supplier, integrator, end-user or leak detection system manufacturer we will be able to help you to deliver results cven at the most challenging conditions. 

KOG-Leak Simulator

Whenever acceptable by the end user or whenever hazardous fluids are present, we can test pipelines leak detection systems by a leak simulation method. For this purpose we provide our unique leak simulation tool, specifically created by KOG to simulate actual leaks in any pipeline operating at any conditions. We are widely experienced in conducting conveutional and unconventional Icak detection systems test methods
▪︎Actual pipeline fluid-release test
▪︎Actual spill liquid tests (for external sensing leak detection technology-e.g. Fiber Optics Leak Detection Systems FOLDS)
▪︎Electrical simulated leak test (at instruments input terminals)
▪︎Hydraulic simulated leak test
▪︎Instrument sinulated Icak testímechanical tapping point or 4-20mA)
▪︎Software sunulation test
▪︎Field processor sinulation leak test
As part of our commissioning services we prepare detailed commissioning procedures, adapted to your needs and in compliance with your customer standards, procedures and operating conditions. We can also conduct comprehensive hazardous identification analysis, emergency safety plans, job safety analysis and emergency evacuation plans to carry out the most demanding leak detection system comunissioning testing including test methods involving release of actual pipeline fluids: 
▪︎ Propane, butane, hexane, pentane
▪︎ Sour gas
▪︎ High pressure NGL. 
▪︎ CO2
▪︎ Hydrogen
▪︎ Sour crude oil
▪︎ Gasoline products
▪︎ ....and more
Our 30 years of experience in pipelines leak detection commissioning and start-up services for the most varied leak detection systems technologies ensures you will deliver the results you need at the most demanding project conditions. We design and inanufacture our own test equipment to conduct leak tests for whatever fluid an operating conditions including crude oil, gas, sour gas, NGL, LPG, CO2, propane, butane, jet fuel, multiphase fluid flow, gasoline and diesel and many other products.