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KARE Primus® - Rugged Industrial Vessel Door Opener 

The Industrial Opener from KARE, Primus, is designed to suit industrial vessel doors of with horizontal or vertical openings. KARE has carefully selected components and materials to build an automatic opener that performs in the toughest environments and applications. Primus fits in any industrial, marine and aviation gate services manoeuvring heavy loads from hundreds to tens of tons of gate load swiftly. 1- Primus Industrial Rugged Door opener


  • Operation brief: Industrial vessel doors may be opened or closed using several mechanisms. Primus provides various servo-mechanisms and pre-programmed servo which can suit the most challenging opening or closing services. To open or close the door it is enough to press the hand held transmitter command buttons or the stand mounted wireless transmitter switch or a hardwired optional remote switch. During an open or close cycle, the user can abort opening or closing by pressing the emergency button while the door is in motion. The user can program the door to move in the opposite direction.

  • Secure Wireless Transmission Hopping Code: Every time a transmission is made from the remote transmitter a new security code is generated at random. There are over 4 billion possible code combinations, greatly enhancing system security.

  • Dynamic Safety Obstruction System: The user can program the door to automatically return to its safe position should it encounter an obstacle or restrictions while performing an opening or closing operation. The system also provides input from safety sensors to actuate the door movement towards any position should input from sensors cross a threshold or if sensors behave outside of pre-set dynamic ranges. The door will also stop if restricted whilst opening. Primus provides programmable field controllers for field operation programming with built-in full data logging and diagnostic functions. During initial installation of the automatic door opener, Primus provides self-storage of obstruction forces, torque and safety sensor inputs.
  • Hand Held Security Coded: Primus Hand Held Code provides state-of-the-art technology in storing your selected transmitter security code. Up to 10 different transmitters can be stored in the openers memory.

  • Local Alarm Station: When the maximum Primus detects an abnormal operation of the safety opening and closing system or any of its components or safety sensors, including gas, smoke or fire detection devices, the local station provides an audible alarm to indicate that a malfunction has occurred.

  • Remote Status & Scada: Primus users can pre-program diagnostics, alarms and events to be re-transmitted through their serial ports RS-232, Ethernet and Wireless ( optional) via MODBUS or other industrial Protocols.

  • Auto Operating Light: Primus offers a convenient operation light explosion proof Class 1 Div 1 operation light enclosure for night time operations and for manoeuvring in poor visibility. The opener operation light comes on automatically whenever the door mechanism is activated. The light can also be switched on and off without operating the door. This can be done remotely through the SCADA control center, or via the Primus Hand Held or via wireless transmitter to the local stand-mounted command button station. The light will stay on for a preset time programmable by the user and then switch off. The switch-off time is also adjustable.

  • CAS (Colour Assisted Settings)
: This unique colour coded system (red for close, green for open) allows all set up adjustments and settings to be easier and simpler for the installer to complete.

  • Open, Close and Stop Positioning
: The stand-mounted command station provides operation buttons for a local user to open, close and stop the door. The opening or closing setting position can be configured for a more precise limit position using this system.

  • Start-Up and Commands: Through the remote command station, controller and SCADA monitoring application, the Primus platform provides each with a Reset button to initialise or re-initialise after encountering an obstructive force or because of safety sensor settings.

  • Auto Open/Close mode: The opener can be programmed to automatically close after an open cycle. The auto close time is adjustable. It is compulsory to install a photoelectric switch if this mode is selected, otherwise the moving door may cause personal injury or damage to property.

  • Safety Run Time: If the opener does not complete the programmed service within the prescribed time it will automatically stop actuating the vessel door and provide an alarm indication.

  • Photovoltaic Power: Primus can be powered by photovoltaic panels, connected for redundant power safety protection during power outages.

  • Manual Operation: The opener is equipped with a unique manual disengaging device. If the power to the opener is disrupted for any reason the door can be put into manual mode by pulling the string handle towards the door. This will allow safe manual return  of the vessel door to its open or close position as needed. When power is restored, simply pull the handle away from the door to put the opener back into automatic mode.

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FD-NPIG-3500 - Non-Instrusive PIG detector

  • The FD-NPIG Detector controls and monitors when the PIG is passing the point of installation
  • Bi-directional pig detection
  • FD-NPIG detector gives a local alarm when a passing pig is detected
  • Reliable information about the passage of the PIG
  • Simple Aparatus
  • Non-invasive
  • NON-INTRUSIVE: The FD-NPIG is simply fastened onto the pipe, eliminating any need for welding or drilling during installation.
  • REAL TIME: FD-NPIG accurately detects the passage of all types of PIGs in real time.
  • SMART: The signal from the sensors can be interfaced directly with any type of Control or Remote System.



The FD-NPIG-3500 is a Non-Instrusive Pig detector used to signal and log the passage of pigs at critical points along the pipeline. The FD-NPIG-3500 can be used on offshore platforms and vessels, as well as for pipeline projects on land. The unit is ATEX compilant and housed within a fully certified aluminium or 316SS explosion proof housing suitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 2 2 Group IIA,IIB and H2 areas. The unit can log up to 50 events with time and date. Looged events can be viewed on a 2.7” high visibility display incorporated into the unit. Pig passages can also be signalled as they occur with ultra bright LEDs incorportaed into the unit which are visible from up to 100m away.Prior to clearing the history of events, it is possible to connect the signaller to a PC and download stored data. One external control push button is used to turn the unit on and off and cycle through and erase events through a simple menu interface. The FD-NPIG-3500 can be quickly and easily attached to a pipeline through the use of ratchet straps or steel bands.


A sensor extension can be used to bring the FD-NPIG-3500 sensor to the surface of buried pipelines or when there is limited access. For remote monitoring the FD-NPIG-3500 can provide relay closure or open collector transistor outputs on detection of a pig. The FD-NPIG-3500 can output RS232 through a SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) cable or a suitable EEx e junction box to a control console in a non-hazardous zone. The FD-NPIG-3500 can be externally powered from a 24VDC source.

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