Unmanned Facilities Physical Access, RPAC

Whether they be gates, locked doors, mantraps, turnstiles, or any of a number of other mechanisms, can potentially cause a great deal of trouble for security administrators trying to prevent breaches of unmanned facilities. Unintended access of intruders that might illegally seize personnel ID’s or by spoofing can be prevented by private and public passcode access specifically delivered at the time of requesting access.

ISC-2000 provides a comprehensive RPAC(Remote Physical Access Control) package that allows authorized individuals to securely access unmanned facilities by various systems including a two-steps verification system of PIN and SMS OTP(One Time Passcode), mobile phone recognition, and various biometric systems and alternatively a portable security keypad remote control. 

ISC-2000 works efficiently with either grid power or energy storage systems (batteries, super caps, other) and multiple renewable energy sources. ISC-2000 provides specific features to supervise power inputs, battery chargers and dynamic behavior of loads, and energy storage to detect malfunctions, vandalism or unexpected deviations in order to safely bring the system to a secure operating mode. ISC-2000 offers flexible and cost-effective integration with conventional security sensors, such as PIR (Passive InfraRed), ultrasonic radars, switches, ground detection devices as well as multiple notification devices whether FSL, PSL or open loop, such as beacons, horns and sirens. Authorized fire suppression systems can be also easily integrated with ISC-2000.