AIMOT® Intelligent Asset Management


What is AIMOT®  ?

An intelligent Asset Management Platform capable of:
  • Managing spare parts, inventory, purchase orders, material take off lists, material requisitions
  • Managing maintenance teams, payroll, HHRR safety
  • Managing Asset Inspection
  • Managing Assets Maintenance Actions
  • Managing Assets Life Cycle 
  • Managing repair tasks
  • Providing intelligent advisory functions on operations, maintenance, performance, costs and safety


What are AIMOT®  benefits?

  • Ensure Compliance
  • Augment Asset Visibility
  • Determine problem root causes
  • Detect cost deviations
  • Improve Reliability
  • Optimize life cycle costing
  • Promote Cost Savings
  • Resolution of Safety Issues,
  • Reduction of Deferred Maintenance (backlog),
  • Reduced Life Cycle Costs,
  • Fulfillment of critical maintenance,
  • Compliance with operating license or laws/standards,
  • Compliance with insurance requirements,
  • Facilitates change in organizational strategy, protects future revenues,
  • Reduces future borrowing by deferring CapEx.