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Green Genset 350

KOG Genset 350 Remote Monitoring (Genset 350 RM) allows multiple ways to access the information of a power generator to ensure health and readiness of the unit and to diagnose various problems. Common genset parameters (read/write) such as oil pressure, engine temperature, battery voltage, power output, diesel levels, engine run time and engine RPM can be easily interrogated.

Genset 350 RM can be configured to provide weekly health check reports that can be sent via SMS, email, or posted on a website. It allows remote start and stop power generators from any location, remotely acknowledges generated alarms and reduces expensive on-site service visits. Receive alarm notification when the fuel level reaches a preset level.

Genset 350 RM can be integrated with AIMOT®  platform to manage a generator fleet, such as large-scale genset fleets. As being part of AIMOT®  the entire fleet allows geolocalization by GPS to allow you track the current position of the generator in real-time.