About KARE Oil and Gas

KARE Oil and Gas is the division of KARE International -a Trading and Service Company- dedicated to tailored solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry in both the public and the private sectors world-wide. 

Thanks to its network of suppliers, its flexibility and its expertise, KARE Oil and Gas is an indispensable partner in the modern, global race for success.
We work in partnership with our clients to confer them our skills, ideas, material resources and to support all requirements at every stage of their development.
KARE was founded in 2006 to provide industrial procurement and engineering services to international Customers the industrial and military sector. In 2008 KARE introduces advanced engineering solutions focusing on Oil and Gas customers. In year 2011, KARE established the oil and gas business line KOG (KARE OIL & GAS) offering industrial products and specialized engineering and field services research and product development and custom made technological solutions
Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals were strategically selected, to allows us develop technology-based projects in a more efficient and comprehensive way innovation, professionalism and flexibility are some of our values and the basis of all our services.
At KARE we are trained to take any project from scratch and offer solutions that go from planning and development to on-site implementation and start-up, providing all the necessary products and resources to carry it out safely and professionally.
Some of the services include:

  • Field Installation
  • Supervision
  • Specialized measurement
  • Data acquisitions
  • Basic Engineering in process automation, SCADA, pipeline integrity monitoring systems and emergency response systems.

KOG also offers a line of high performance products covering the business areas of:

  • Automation
  • Industrial Communications
  • Pipeline integrity and emergency response
  • Measurement systems

KARE is headquartered in Menaco and utilizes highly qualified human resources to help us adapt to ever-changing technology and emerging markets. Throughout our experience, we have serviced customers all over the world.
We have emerged as a partner-of-choice for leading international companies for the following reasons:

  • We have Successfully proven our capability with clients from a wide variety of sectors
  • Our solid work planning guarantees an effective delivery model
  • Our team of engineers and professionals work across multiple disciplines and fully integrate with our clients work teams.
  • We improve your global footprint and your competitiveness
  • Our accuracy, timeliness and perspective of nurturing long-term relationships have ensured client satisfaction.
  • Our experience with clients from various cultures and industries allows us to understand and adapt better to the different contexts
  • WE provide a completely integrated. service that meets the customer's requirements in every stage of the project We supply and/or develop mechanical. electromechanical, electronic hardware and software, we improve the performance of existing products. we carry out tests and validations before releasing the product to the market, and more.
  • We offer a wide range of FEED, engineering of automation, SCADA and industrial communications and pipeline integrity and System solutions.

Kare Itl.(Kare) has roots in the supply of added value products and services in the defense industry. Over the years we evolved as a supplier of a specialized mission specific products, sophisticating our specialty portfolio and extending it into the energy market, in particular the oil and gas industry. The success of our operations and response of our customers in oil and gas led us to create a dedicated business line under our young Kare Oil and Gas organization (KOG) to support our customers in the technically demanding and steadily growing oil and gas technology sector.
Our team of professionals count individually with more than 20 years of experience in the defense industry, specialized military sensing technology and the oil and gas industry.
Under Kare Oil and Gas organization, we count with a highly specialized experienced team of professionals with decades of exposure to technology development projects that normally require meeting mission-specific solutions in one of the most technically demanding industries on Earth, namely oil and gas in harsh environments, like the Middle East.
Kare team develops in yearly basis cost-effective solutions for its customers that entail the following areas:

  • Basic R&D,
  • Technology transfer
  • patent writing and filing
  • patent review, defense until patent granting stage
  • proof-of-concept prototype design and construction,
  • material and parts design, manufacturing tool design,
  • parts sourcing optimization
  • R&D Project Management and procurement,
  • Product test and certification

Kare undertake highly specialized technology projects that may take from 6 months to 3 years in duration involving multidisciplinary in-house and 3rd party R&D teams covering varied research areas, including:

  • Fluid Dynamics Of Multiphase Flow
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • Robotized Industrial Machines
  • Mission-Specific Industrial Controllers Design And Programming
  • Data Analytics, Big-Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Cybersecurity Industrial Solutions
  • Industrial Safety Controllers
  • Sensor Data Processing
  • Nanotechnology Film Sensors
  • Geophone Seismic Data Processing
  • Military Grade Above-Ground Non-Intrusive Sensing Technology
  • Military Grade Submersible Sensing Systems
  • Military Grade Heavy Duty High Reliability Servomechanisms
  • Military Grade Submersible Deep-Water Control Systems
  • Military Grade Submersible Data Transmission Systems

Our Mission:

Within the framework of the strategic policies identified by the International Team of Shareholders, KARE aims to:

  • Participate actively in the growth and development of its Customers
  • Offer transparency to facilitate exchange of information and optimize results.

The concept of "transparency" has always characterized KARE since its creation and continues to be a mainstay of its organization and activity and especially of the conduct of its management and employees.


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