Fluxhocav® chemicals-free fluids treatment

FluxHOCav® is a controlled chemicals-free fluid treatment system designed to treat heavily contaminated fluids.FluxHOCav® belongs to the family of electro-chemical techniques which are characterized by the separation of clean components without the addition of additive chemicals. The chemical-free process can result in significant reduction of the contaminating material due to molecular destruction of the contaminant or recombination with the treated fluid into more benign species. Like any other separation process, it generates waste, which FluxHOCav® captures in containers to facilitate collection and cleaning. The main advantage is that this type of treatment does not include any additional chemicals to those already originally present in the fluid. For this reason, the chemicals-free fluid treatment techniques are also known as ecological treatment solutions.



  • Initial Filtering
  • Sono- Cavitation
  • Electro-chemical Treatment
  • Hidro-Cavitation

Oily liquids enter the initial filtering module.
The flow regime is carefully controlled to minimize turbulences.
The multiplate filter removes oil particles below 20 microns from the liquid by an entirely chemicals-free process.
Upward bi-phase liquid-ozone injection flows through the contaminants.
The electrochemical process begins treating the fluid promoting oxidation while contaminants coalesce
Heavy metals recombine with radicals to produce chemical species thatprecitate.

FluxHOCav® can treat contaminated fluids such as:

  • Frac flowback fluid containing crude oil API 25 to API 48 and lighter.
  • Textile industries
  • Ink and Coloring Plants
  • Cellulose
  • Chrome Plating Plants
  • Tannery
  • Whool Products Manufacturing Plants
  • Canned food Plants
  • Slaughterhouse,
  • Steel Factory
  • Mining Industry
  • Vegetable Oil Refineries
  • Fish Industry
  • Paint Manufacturing Plants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Insecticides Manufacturing Plants