What is TWEGSS?

A new wind generator technology,  that efficiently generate and store electrical energy at low and high wind speed in a single modular design Torque Wind Electrical Generator and Storage System (TWEGSS)

TWEGSS Technology Innovations

✓ Unique high torque transmission technology
✓ highly efficient mechanical accumulators
✓ advanced light and strong materials
✓ interactive energy control system
✓ Adaptive wind speed power generator technology 

The torque conversion into electrical energy is efficiently achieved by intrinsic properties of the highly efficient torque transmission technology, mechanical storage units of extremely low friction and adaptive wind speed control that ensure steady electrical energy output. 

      TWEGSS Summary


Why to invest in TWESS ?

A breakthrough in wind power technology

✓ Unrivaled performance/volume factor,
✓ larger capacity factor, larger wind speed range,
✓ lower life cycle costs,
✓ Inexistent competition,
✓ completely new revolutionary design
✓ urban suitable, safer and less risky to operate
   and maintain.
✓ More than 7 patents under preparation
   to dominate the upcoming technology market.